Why our "candidates" value OHare as a Career Partner


  • We help to destress the process of landing your next career step
  • We are confidential and discrete
  • We listen and advise
  • We assist in resume development
  • We are your advocate with clients - presenting you as a person not a resume
  • We represent a large number of clients and opportunities – not just one opportunity at one company
  • We help you understand the opportunity in the context of your experience and the market - before you decide to interview
  • We talk with you prior to your first interview and provide company & client information, title, salary and context while pointing out the relevant elements of your experience - so you walk in prepared
  • We work to get feedback and are a conduit for information and problem solving in both "directions"
  • We can help you negotiate job offers based on a known salary range, deal with upcoming vacations, explain benefits, set your start date, etc. etc. and guide you through the "transition" to your next career step.





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