Why our clients have chosen OHare:


  •   We are recognized throughout the advertising and marketing industries as an expert resource for "end-to-end" talent solutions
  •   We know and understand the market and the highly competitive environment you are in because it’s our world too
  •   We are recognized for adding value, enabling your Talent Sourcing Team to move quickly and support their internal clients 
  •   Our deep recruiting experience across many disciplines enables us to help devise and implement effective recruitment strategies
  •   Our specialists collaborate to provide unique solutions to your toughest talent challenges
  •   We are responsive, knowledgeable, discrete and committed to identifying and prequalifying the best people 
  •      We support your process and stay engaged with candidates from initial contact through their first day                      
  •      We help you better understand the candidates' thought process, needs and expectations while providing an important communications channel to identify and resolve issues that could derail the process
  •     We help you assess needs, prequalify offers, and get “pre-approval” prior to an official offer being made
  •   We effectively pipeline top talent as future candidates, thereby shortening your TBH timeline
  •  The retention rate of the individuals we help you identify and hire greatly exceeds the industry average


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