Jennifer Flood

At OHare I specialize in everything  SEO/SEM/Analytics (up to the Associate Director Levels), while juggling being a mom with young kids. 

Focusing on these 3 segments of the advertising talent landscape has allowed me to become expert at knowing who is where, who's doing what and their goals and aspirations. 

Working with multiple clients and candidates looking for talent in my specialties enables me to present multiple opportunities to my candidates and multiple candidates to my hiring clients - something LinkedIn can't do. 

And I know what both my "clients" and "candidates" are going through having grown up in media at Carat and as a recruiter with Mindshare which is a perspective few other recruiters have. 

Clients appreciate my understanding of their staffing process and environment while candidates value my insights into their current situations and can appreciate their skill sets and goals. 

When I’m not solving staffing puzzles I spend my time with the best kids in the world who are inquisitive, energetic and have no trouble keeping me on my toes. 

I would like to hear from you - whether it's about new opportunities or your team needs to resolve a TBH, working with someone who understands your market is key. 

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