Kurt O'Hare


The advertising industry is a business of knowledge and leadership - and people.  It’s a business of ideas and strategies that are compelling and persuade and the best agencies focus on supporting their clients and supporting their people. Clients want it; they seek it and cherish it once they find it. After all, the smartest ideas and thoughtful strategies come from motivated, focused people working in an environment that makes the most of their strengths, where their ideas and insights are sought out and encouraged.  It's a business of people.

I began O’Hare & Associates with the idea of creating a new partnership between our candidates and our clients.  To offer an alternative to the "rush-to-fill-an-open-seat" mentality and replacing it with a commitment to do right for the candidate and the client.  

My goal was and still is to positively impact people’s careers, futures, and livelihoods while helping clients identify the best people and produce the best product possible for their clients. 

But that wasn't "all".

Being a partner still means partnering: sharing common goals, working toward the same objectives and helping destress a difficult and challenging process.  Agencies and candidates alike know that we’re easy to work with -- honest, ethical, good listeners, and great advisors and partners.

Like the agencies we work with, I’ve surrounded myself with smart, strategic people who care deeply about adding value.  The importance of working with a team of experienced advertising professionals who fell in love with the recruiting world cannot be understated.  Our first-hand knowledge of what it takes to succeed in advertising and our commitment to helping both agencies and talented professionals thrive and flourish is second to no-one.

By hiring smart and talented agency executives to help match people with people, we have brought a level of professionalism and insight to our profession that is highly valued by the advertising community. 

And after many years of success in this business I can proudly say: We Know People !



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