Lori Bring

 I love what I do.

As a Practice Manager for Account Management, Strategy and  Brand Management with emphasis in digital, social and integrated communications, I'm fortunate represent many of the most forward-thinking and brightest minds in this ever-changing advertising industry – both on the company and talent “sides”.

And I take great pride in being a recruiter highly sought after by both clients and candidates alike.  Perhaps it's because I view my role as a trusted advisor, confidant and advocate for both talent and opportunity.  It’s never about filling a chair.  And relationship building for the long-term continues to be a top priority for me -- agencies and talent know that I’m here for them.   

As the industry continues to experience seismic change, the goals of my clients and candidates remain the same:  They want long term culture/opportunity fit and not a short-term fix to an open position. Clients want talent who are curious, challenged, and not afraid to roll up their sleeves to get the job done. And candidates continue to place great importance on a positive work environment where they are appreciated respected and valued.

Prior to joining OHare I was a VP at Grey on Procter & Gamble businesses and having been on the front lines of client service, I understand what it takes to build brands, work with both collaborative and directive clients and value the importance of ethics, high standards and follow through.  In other words, I know the business from the inside, what can go right and wrong - and value of having employees who are motivated and enthusiastic.

As a trusted partner with advertising agencies and in-house marketing departments I actively seek the stars of today and leaders of tomorrow. 

Apply String: 
  • Integrated & Digital Account Services
  • Business Development
  • Traffic Management
Specialties Category: 
Account Management, Strategy