Marjory Frummer

Happily, as a national industry leader in recruiting for media talent from junior through supervisor levels, I know there has never been a better time to be part of the media side of the advertising industry.  With the explosion in digital advertising and the trillions of ad impressions being served, clients understand that recognizing and nurturing good media talent is critical.  And the talent recognizes the challenges and opportunities.  

It sounds cliché, but it’s the planners, analysts, supervisors of today that are shaping new digital technologies and will lead innovation in the near future. 

Since their first years of advertising experience is a “real-world MBA” and more, it’s crucial that people make smart career choices and  helping and coaching candidates make smart moves is what I enjoy most.

But then I’m a media lover. Before joining OHare I spent my career managing agency media departments. It’s this appreciation for the importance media has in the marketing process and my interest in helping both candidates and clients alike that has made recruiting an important part of my life. 

Having a daughter who recently graduated college has kept me in touch with and sensitive to the concerns and worries that come up when a person considers changing companies and lowering this stress level is an important part of what I do - Whether it’s helping individuals solve problems with their current agency or helping them select the right next opportunity, it's always about the person.

If you are interested in exploring other opportunities or simply learning about the market, salaries, or career planning, call or email me - I'd like to hear from you.   And if you are a client looking for a new talented team member, I’m looking forward to helping. 

All of us at O’Hare strive to be advocates for our agency clients and our candidates with each and every search. And we’re very proud of the talented professionals we have placed at agencies over the years who are now leaders in their fields. 

Apply String: 
  • Media Planning
  • Communications Planning
  • Media Activation: Digital, Broadcast, Print, OOH
  • Media Research/Consumer Insights/Analytics
  • Human Resources (Jr level)
Specialties Category: 
Digital & Integrated Media to Mid-level